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3 Fun & Functional Mocktails Made For Two

As the days get warmer, many of us find ourselves craving something cool and refreshing to quench our thirst and revitalize our spirits. Water? We can be more creative than that. A cocktail? Mmm, not worth the headache these days. An energizing & hydrating mocktail using your fave Pureboost flavors? Thaaaaat’s the ticket. 

This summer, let’s keep it fun and functional. Packed with green tea caffeine, 25 essential vitamins, minerals & electrolytes, and free from sugar and artificial additives, Pureboost provides the perfect base for crafting delicious and nutritious mocktails that will keep you energized and hydrated allllll season long.

Grab a friend! Here are three of our fave fruit-forward recipes (made for 2!) that we’ll be enjoying on repeat with our besties for the foreseeable future:

Elderberry Power Fauxjito For 2


1 packet of Pureboost Elderberry Power

2 oz Fresh elderberry syrup

1 lime, juiced

16 - 20 oz Club soda

Fresh mint


Directions: Grab 2 glasses. In each, add 1 oz elderberry syrup, ½ a packet of Elderberry Power Pureboost, juice from ½ a lime and mint. Muddle gently. Add ice, top with club soda and stir well. Garnish with fresh mint and enjoy!

Tropical Pineapple Punch For 2


1 packet of Pureboost Tropical Spark

12 oz Pineapple juice

12 oz Coconut water

1 lime, juiced

Pineapple & Basil for garnish


Directions: In a pitcher, mix the packet of Pureboost Tropical Spark, pineapple juice and coconut water. Add lime juice. Fill serving glasses with ice, pour, garnish with pineapple wedge and fresh basil. Enjoy tropical paradise in every sip!

Blended Berry Breeze For 2


1 packet of Pureboost Berry Boost 

2 cup Frozen mixed berries

10-12 oz coconut water


Fresh berries for garnish


Directions: In a blender, add Pureboost Berry Boost, frozen mixed berries, coconut water and a drizzle of honey. Blend until smooth, adding ice or coconut water until desired texture is reached. Pour into your favorite glasses, garnish with fresh berries, and enjoy the antioxidant-rich goodness!