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Pricing Increase April 4th, 2022

Thank you for being one of our most loyal Pureboost subscribers!

We want to give you a heads up on updated pricing that will be coming to some of our products. As always, we are committed to bringing you the BEST quality, clean energy boost we can – and this will never change.

Supply chain issues and ingredient shortages have had an impact on a lot of businesses like ours. Because of this, effective April 4th, you will see updated prices for our Pureboost Original and Green Mojo lines (details below).

As a token of our gratitude, and to show how much we truly appreciate you, we will NOT be raising your subscription prices on April 4th. Instead, we are locking in your current subscription price for the next 6 months.*

Effective April 4th, 2022

On (lowest everyday price!)
Original Flavors (Citrus Sunrise, Berry Boost, Acai Alert + Combo): $31.99 // $22.39 on subscription
Green Mojo: $33.99 // $23.79 on subscription

On Amazon
Original Flavors (Citrus Sunrise, Berry Boost, Acai Alert + Combo): $32.99
Green Mojo: $34.99

Thanks for your understanding and trusting us to keep you energized and feeling great every day! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.


The Parents of Pureboost

*If you choose to cancel your subscription before the end of the 6 month lock-in period, legacy pricing will no longer be available and new pricing will apply.