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Pureboost PR Features

The Truth About Fad Diets. It is “easy to fall under the trap of buying all processed, pre-packaged foods labeled as ‘Atkins’ for convenience,” notes Cleveland-based sports dietitian and functional nutritionist Kylene Bogden, co-founder of FWDfuel and Pureboost ambassador.
10 Best Hangover Foods That Can Make You Feel Better. “There are multiple issues that leave us feeling less than optimal after excess alcohol consumption,” says Kylene Bogden RDN, Pureboost Ambassador Read more
TikTokers Are Boosting Their Workouts With Sour Candy. But Does the Science Back Them Up? The truth is that sour candy is straight-up scientific. “While it sounds like a fun concept, eating sour candy to improve a workout is nothing more than a modern twist on basic science,” says Kylene Bogden, MS, RDN, a dietitian for Pureboost Read more
Could Eating More Protein Reduce Obesity Risk? New Study Suggests It Can. When Eat This, Not That! spoke to Kylene Bogden, RD, co-Founder of FWDfuel, Pureboost ambassador Read more
Your personal trainer works hard to give you the results you want. We’ve compiled this year’s best wellness and fitness gifts that your trainer is sure to love. Read more
Within a few short hours after its public launch on September 28, at 9 am EST, Pureboost raised over $2 million on Wefunder, the leading popular crowdfunding site in the United States. Pureboost is the number one best-selling antioxidant clean energy drink blend on Amazon, and it does not include sugar or sucralose. Read more
5 Energy Drinks That'll Actually Help You Power Through Midterm Season. In first place, we have Bogden’s highly recommended Pureboost energy drink! It contains all-natural ingredients, only 100 mg of caffeine, and several vitamins and antioxidants. Sounds great, right? Read more
Stay properly hydrated and energized with the clean antioxidant energy of Pureboost. Designed to help your body absorb and retain the water it needs to keep you going strong in the gym and under the sun. (Jitters not included!) Read more
If you know someone who relies on energy drinks to power them through the afternoon, you might be a little worried about their health. Many energy drinks are filled with sugar and contain questionable ingredients. Instead, give them the healthier energy option of Pureboost. Read more
Pureboost, a brand of energy drink mixes, has raised more than $2 million at a $40 million pre-money valuation through its Wefunder crowdfunding round. Founded by a team of active parents and serial entrepreneurs, Pureboost has generated $12.3 million in revenue during its first three years of business, including $7.34 million in sales last year alone. Read more
Pureboost, Amazon’s #1 Selling Clean Energy Drink, Raises Over $2M+ Within Hours of Launching Community Round to the Public on Wefunder’s Community Investment Platform Read more