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Get the perfect flavor every time with our 27oz Tritan™ copolyester Pureboost water bottle. 


Find your perfect Pureboost flavor with our 27 oz Eastman Tritan™ copolyester water bottle. BPA, BPS, EA and AA-Free. A safe and healthy alternative to plastics. Highly durable and long lasting. 

Use your Pureboost bottle to achieve your perfect Pureboost experience. Add ice, fill water to match your flavor preference and have plenty of room for the fizz. 

Start with ice. Add water to match your desired flavor preference (be mindful of the fizz line). Add 1 packet of Pureboost close lid, shake and have plenty of room for the fizz. Add more ice for a cold refreshing pick-me-up.

Hand-washing recommended to preserve printing.  Tritan™ bottle lasts hundreds of dishwasher cycles and outlasts glass, plastics and just about every other material.

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